CHRISTIAN BAPTISM, sometimes called ‘christening’. During the baptism you publicly say that you believe in God and follow Jesus, so it is the official way, the sacrament’, of joining the Church. Many Christian parents bring their children to be baptised, promising to bring them up in the Christian faith.


YOU JOIN the Christian family. Baptism is a public ceremony, like getting married, when you enact outwardly what is true for you inwardly.

YOU PROMISE to bring your child up as a Christian, to ‘draw them by your example into the community of faith’ and ‘help them to take their place within the life and worship of Christ’s Church’, and to ‘pray for them’.

YOU COMMIT yourself publicly to turn your back on living for yourself, and instead to be a follower of Jesus. ‘I turn to Christ, I repent of my sins. I renounce evil.’

YOU DECLARE that you believe in God, and also that you entrust yourself to him. ‘I believe and trust… in God the Father… in God the Son… in God the Holy Spirit’.

THE MINISTER NAMES AND BAPTISES your child, pouring water on him/her in the name of God.

EVERYONE WELCOMES your child into the Church; ‘We welcome you into the fellowship of faith…’

The Baptism takes place in our 10am Family Service on the Third Sunday in the month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my child baptised if I am not a regular church goer?

St Wilfrid’s and the Church of England welcomes anyone regardless of background.  You may wish to find out more and join in during one of our many services before hand.  Or you may want to consider a service of Thanksgiving, before considering baptism.

How much does it cost?

The Baptism service itself is free of charge, however you may like to make a small donation to the church towards the upkeep.

Can I have a private service for Baptism?

Baptism is a public declaration of faith and your Child becoming part of family of the Church, for this reason Baptisms usually take place during the family services on the 3rd Sunday of the month.

How do I book a Baptism?

The first thing that you need to do is to speak to Rev Kevin Charles, this is the easiest way to introduce yourselves, and allows us to talk to you about the commitment. The ideal way to do this is after one of our many services.

How do I book?

The preparation at St Wilfrid’s involves a few stages.

Stage 1: Attending a Church Service

Please come along to one of our church services, held at 10am every Sunday. You will be able to see what happens and whether it’s for you.

Stage 2: Baptism Preparation

Baptism preparation over 4 sessions is arranged with 2 church members.
Any questions?

Please check out our FAQ section, and get in touch with either Rev Kevin Charles on 01623 514294 or Marilyn and David Ball on 01623 467334 or email if you would like to find out more. There is no obligation—we simply want to help you do the very best for your child, and to enjoy doing it.